Hay Bale Growing

I had a look around at some of the best ways of growing vegetables in a smallish area and came across hay bale growing.


First – locate a good hay bale (not straw) cheap supplier. I found a great one in the Farnham, Surrey area – each bale priced at around £6 each, delivered. The hay smelt wonderful in the sun – reminded me of when I was a kid playing around on a farm!

Then soak them regularly with nitrate rich fertiliser.


Let them compost internally for a few weeks.  In the first few weeks loads of small flies seemed to love them, but these have now disappeared – thankfully.

The pictures below are after 5 weeks composting and they are ready for planting.


You can use natural liquid fertiliser (yes – that – suitably diluted!). Or make one from rich compost and water mixed together.

We have a garden pond which I skim with a net every week or so. When I added the pond skimmings to some of the hay bales the effect was very noticeable. The bales with the skimmings added to them have noticeably more creepy crawlies than the other hay bales – interesting!

Next up – planting.