Lair aka Grow House Completed

The Lair (Grow House) has now been officially finished, populated and named.

It is a lot posher than originally anticipated – almost regal. Accordingly, the Lair has been named (over a bottle of Prosecco), ‘Air Hair’ !



Grow House – Glazing is In

I have now panelled the inside of the the grow-house, put in some shelving and added the glazing. The glazing is amazing stuff: light, crystal clear, not too wobbly (4mm thick) and cheaper than glass. I’m using clear polycarbonate and fitting it with silicon and some recycled beading. The beading was a tad fiddly, but the end effect has been superb, and since it’s all been re-purposed – for free.

P1090534 P1090572 P1090552 P1090549 P1090545 P1090539 P1090538

Grow House – Lining

The Grow House is coming along nicely now. Using loads of salvaged material – this time old insulation re-cut. Not quite as messy as I had imagined, but needs a strong sharp knife instead of a saw if you want to keep the number of flying bits down.

Next steps:

  • add plywood lining to cover insulation;
  • add glass/ plastic to frames;
  • fit parliament door hinges – so that door can hinge backwards properly;
  • sort out area around shed (levelling/ trimming);
  • plug the gaps – to stop the mice and slugs; and
  • make it look pretty (on wife’s orders!).

Grow House – Developing Nicely

The grow house is coming along nicely. I had to chop the re-purposed patio doors down to size. My rotary saw failed, the blade on an old one was too small, so we had to wheel out the big boy. It took two of us to slide the doors through the saw. Not too much cursing and relatively straight cuts!


We tried the first door for size – perfect!



Six doors later, came the front fitting:


Then with a little help from #2 son we peeled off the west facing wall with a reciprocating saw – it worked like magic.

P1090357 P1090351

This is where I put two more of the doors, one hinged to provide some very useful garden access to the grow-house.


Now, just need to fill in the gaps, order some polycarbonate glass and polish it off. Should be ready for its first plant inhabitants in the next couple of days.


Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Build A Grow-house

One of my objectives this year is to grow more vegetables – much more. To this end I have kicked off two projects: a hay bale growing bank and a grow-house.

The grow-house is an old shed I am converting into a glass fronted semi-greenhouse. The front of it usefully faces SSE.


I had to evict the current tenants. I think I was a lot more scared of them than they were of me!

These spiders were not small – around around 4- 4.5 cms long! I had the distinct feeling that they were eyeing me up for dinner.


Then off came the front of the shed with a little help from an oscillating multi-tool saw – magic!

P1090276 P1090278

P1090287 P1090285

The opening windows off the old shed front proved to be just what I needed for some side vents.

With a little help from my Lidl cordless jigsaw they were fairly easily relocated.

P1090298 P1090300P1090294

It’s beginning to take shape.

Next step: I have six old wooden patio doors that I will cut down to size and need to fit with Perspex.

Four of them will fit nicely across the front and the other two will go on to the west facing side (opposite new vents).

Then I just have to get to get rid of the old Jeep wheels and a dozen bags of old clothes – and move in!