From Foraging to Feeling Connected


It was just last autumn that I met Julian and was introduced to the fascinating subject of Threnergy. Julian and I share a common interest in foraging wild food and fungi and met to explore the woodlands in search of some tasty finds. During the day the conversation turned to the subjects of mindfulness and Threnergy. Julian guided us through some basic exercises that we could use as we walked.

I’d not heard about Threnergy before, but have tried various mindfulness techniques in the past. Often I struggle to engage in the exercises and find it hard to feel a benefit, but this new concept I was being shown felt very different. The simplicity but power of the techniques was immediately noticeable and I was keen to find out more, so I was very excited to read his book. Julian uses his knowledge and experience throughout his book to guide you through the principles of Threnergy in an easy to follow manner. I’ve found these principles easy to incorporate into my day to day life in a way I’ve not been able to do before. These exercisers have been great in helping me to refocus and reflect no matter where I am, whether at home, at my desk or walking in the woods where this journey began for me.

Steve Thornton

Thinking like Da Vinci

How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day Genius

da vinci

If you haven’t come across this book yet – read it. In my view it gives a holistic view of life and all its facets. I initially read this around 15 years ago and it fundamentally changed my thinking. I drew up a life map and it’s pretty much been my blueprint ever since. Recommended it to my son and saw there was a new edition – so I’m now re-reading it!