Full Monty

I had a chat recently with a couple of great bush-craft guys who were incensed that bush-craft has been adopted by people who are less than committed to the ‘full monty’ of bush-craft. My view is that there will always be a spectrum of adherents, and that’s why I adopted the term urban-craft to mean the use of bush-craft principles and techniques in a partial, yet still meaningful way.

Less On-grid

In the same way, offgrid-ers can get very vocal about people who only partially go off-grid. My response is ‘offgrid-ish’  for those that want to go at least some way, but not necessarily all the way, off-grid. Any move towards less dependency on on-grid services is better than none!

I will be publishing a few blogs about my views on becoming more and more offgrid-ish. Feel free to contribute your own views.