Fats not Carbs

A lot of people, myself included, turn to carbs or sugars when we feel we are running out of energy. There is an alternative point-of-view that seems to be gaining a lot of ground: fats are good for you – carbs, less so. In particular, athletes can benefit from more sustained energy from shifting from a carb based metabolism to a fat focused one. The biggest problems I’ve found with this are established habits and taste. Slowly but surely though, shifting away from carbs is getting easier and easier – the effects are noticeable and the new recipes are generally interesting and inspiring.

Here are a few select statements from an article on the subject:

  • From a biological perspective, the body’s requirement for dietary derived glucose–which is in fact only needed by the brain–is absolutely zero because our livers can actually manufacture glucose.
  • When we consume a diet primarily composed of sugars and carbs we can begin to rely on glucose metabolism for energy.
  • This can lead to a number of problems including becoming resistant to important hormones that regulate blood sugar and hunger levels, and possibly even losing our ability to burn excess body fat at all.
  • When we become fat-burning machines we will have more energy, we will need to eat less and we won’t crave food any longer.
  • By switching to foods that are high in healthy fats–and potentially incorporating eating strategies such as intermittent fasting–we can actually retrain our bodies to be fat burning powerhouses, giving us longer lasting, more predictable energy levels and allowing us to shed unwanted pounds effortlessly.



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