I love it when a good idea becomes a great idea – Leaf Collector!

I love it when a good idea pans out to be a great idea – in this case I had an old leaf collector that was useless. It sucked things up but the collection bag let through loads of dust.

I tried using it a couple of times but gave up after getting coated in leaf dust that left me very grimy and wheezing like a seriously bad chain smoker after each session.

So I decided to get rid of it on ebay. But the prices are pretty low for second-hand leaf collectors and I still needed a good leaf collector.

The result – with a patch left to show off the difference

So I put my thinking cap on – the thing that was bad was the collection bag not the leaf collector itself. I looked at replacement bags, disposable bags you could insert and surfed the net to look for any other useful ideas. I found a simple and straightforward solution- get an industrial filter bag and stick it inside the leaf collector bag. For around £30 (from the US) it was worth a shot. The bag is so good, I don’t actually need to put it inside the original one – and the collector works an absolute treat – no dust and very effective leaf collection.

the old leaf collector bag
The new industrial filter bag with roof rack strap to secure it
the leaf collector with industrial filter bag – in action