Camping Survival Experience – Gower

Before the winds hit

We just spent  four days down in the Gower (South Wales) with some fairly severe weather conditions. The storm arrived fairly suddenly on Monday 14th September at around 1:30 pm and we had to act fast to save the tent and the annexe.

The photos and video will give you a good idea of what it was like!

A short video of the tent in the wind here

Both the tent, a Khyam Screenhouse, and the Annexe for it survived 10 hours of 28 mph + winds and severe gusts above that.

Getting a good buffeting

We were the only tent to survive in our camping field and only one of three that survived on the camp-site.

The Khyam Screenhouse and Annexe seams and guy ropes held well with no damage. This was mainly due to three things we did:

a) put the VW bus in-front of the tent to try and break up the wind

b) found some discarded gazebo poles and hammered them around 12″ into the ground – the white stakes in the pictures

c) attached two nylon retaining straps from the bus to the leading tent pole (in a v shape from the bus)

The noise of the tent flapping meant that we slept in the bus for the night, but the tent and the annexe remained dry and intact the whole night.

Concave Annexe front