Reflective poem after a great two weeks camper-vanning – poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Idyllic setting in France – Ardenne/ Champagne Region near Lake Der. Right next to a lovely trout river with damselflies all around.

The holidays were fruitful, but must end;
One August evening had a cooler breath;
Into each mind intruding duties crept;
Under the cinders burned the fires of home;
Nay, letters found us in our paradise:
So in the gladness of the new event
We struck our camp and left the happy hills.
The fortunate star that rose on us sank not;
The prodigal sunshine rested on the land,
The rivers gambolled onward to the sea …

fromĀ Retracing Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Steps

Room with a view!

More Beezzzz

Back from holidays and after a thorough drenching the sun is out today – and the bees with it. Quite magical.

IMGP1577IMGP1526 IMGP1587

Pond Life

Putting a small pond into the garden has transformed it. There are more birds, more insects, the sound of burbling water and wonderful lillies and reeds. I have the definite feeling that all of the plants in the garden have benefitted from having the pond around. There are newts in it and I hope they have had an effect of the slugs in the garden , but they still have a lot of work to do! These are some of the pictures of a hover fly and small dragon fly that seemed very happy to pose for me!


Dragon fly nymph getting ready to transform
Ant attack
Ant attack

IMGP0970 IMGP0892 IMGP0796 IMGP0794 IMGP0880IMGP0854

Cool aviators!
Cool aviators!